GeoHoliday at Club Fun Tropicale

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Directions to Club Fun Tropicale Resort

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The Airport:

Visitors to Club Fun Tropicale will fly into Puerto Plata International airport. Several tour and charter air carriers as well as many of the major airlines serve the Dominican Republic. The planes land and you disembark on the runway via a set of portable stairs. There is a brief walk to the terminal where you are greeted by a merengue band while you make your way to customs.


You will be issued a tourist card either with your tickets, on the plane, or upon arrival at the airport. If you can buy it (cost per card is approx $10 USD) before you reach the Dominican Rep., it is recommended as the line-ups can be long to obtain one. You must fill the card out in full and keep it with you during your stay in the Dominican Republic. Ensure that you retain it, as you are required to present it when you leave the country. Please note that Canadian Residents travelling in the Dominican Republic must have a Canadian Birth Certificate and valid picture identification if born in Canada or a Citizenship Card or valid Passport if not born in Canada. All travellers arriving by air will also be subject to a $5US tourist tax. We recommend you verify all charges with your travel agent prior to departure.


There is a departure tax of $20 US to be paid before you leave Puerto Plata. (This fee is sometimes included in the price of your airline ticket.) Remember to set aside some money for this tax.


There are taxis located outside the airport terminal that will take you to Playa Dorada. The rate is approx. $20 US. You may want to bargain, but the price is usually set. Once you have reached the resort and you wish to take a taxi anywhere, there is a price list that is standard throughout Playa Dorada.

From the main gate of Playa Dorada it is possible to take a local bus as a means of transportation. The buses run from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Should you want to go to Puerto Plata, it is best to take a local B bus, rather than an A bus. If you have a particular destination in mind, just ask. The drivers are very helpful and will drop you off where you want to be dropped off. Please It is recommended that guests purchase the all-inclusive plan, as individual alcoholic drinks can be expensive. Guests not on the plan can bring their own drinks to the pool area but glass is not allowed.

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